About us

Our specialties are signs and information boards for hiking trails and other outdoor areas, mainly for municipalities, the Finnish forest board and various sports clubs. We also make door- and yard signs for individuals and signs for businesses and organisations. Most of our products are made froom wood and the main material is heat treated wood from well kept forests.

In recent years we've also started using some plastic material, mainly for signs with 3D-features for outdoor use.

We additionaly do various sucontracting work that requires 3D or other CNC-work. The company is located in Larsmo, Ostrobothnia on the Finnish west coast.

The company has been active in the carpentry industry since 1991 and we have been making signs since 2009.

After 25 years in the woodworking industry and with a forestry technician training deep down the back pocket wood is still the favorite material, even though many other materials have been added along the way.

Christer Nynäs VD